Letter to the Editor!

I heard a report about holding of meetings in holy cities of Makkah and Jedah thanks from servant of both holy places.
This reflects the real stance and instructions of Holy Quran that says “peace is better”. Really, from such holy places, hearing such message in fact is the sign of success of peace over war, this dirty phenomenon and anti Islamic act.
In this letter, I congratulate all Afghans and OIC member countries as a whole, but in my opinion what is important and more attention should be focused is this, the ways should be sought for this view point of involved sides of war.
One side says: we continue war till the last foreign troop is existed in Afghanistan and another one says: we fight till complete annihilation of terrorism.
This means that war should be continued forever. Because, both are impossible.
The S.Arabia conference should take a key for untying of this knot or dilemma of 21st century.
Mir Ahmad Shah

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