Trump to meet allies on Afghanistan in Brussels

KABUL: US President Donald Trump is due in Brussels, the Belgian capital, next week to hold ‘a special meeting on Afghanistan’ with NATO allies.
Trump’s meeting with partner countries on the war-torn country has been scheduled for July 12 on the sidelines of the NATO summit, a senior administration official told reporters during a conference.
The official said the US president as part of his new strategy in Afghanistan would ask allies and partners to extend funding for the security forces.
“And to have a conditions-based operation that will provide that we will stay the course in Afghanistan and help the Afghan forces with training and advising to bring peace and stability to that country,” the official said.
”The reason that that is so important, of course, is the terrorist networks that have grown in Afghanistan (and) have been exported to many of our countries as we have seen starting with 9/11 in America, but also European terrorist attacks as well,” the official said.
”And they are sharing the burden for trying to stabilize that area so that we will stop the terrorism from being exported,” the official said.
The Kabul Times

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