Afghan woman football star helps street kids score World Cup goal

 Yelling commands and lunging for the ball on the balding astro turf, Khalida Popal drilled...

Athletes with weak economy but strong motivation

 Born in an educated family in 1373, Ahmad Farouqi is a member of SLFC organization...

Sport to strengthen national unity, social relations

 Dr. QaisJasour has been born in an athletic family in 1367. He has studied curative medicine...

After winning qualifying trophy, Afghan skipper Stanikzai hopes to lift World Cup

 Afghanistan captain Asghar Stanikzai said his side will head into next year’s World Cup aiming...

Poll: National Unity Government

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Cabinet meeting discusses key issues on agenda

 KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Full story ...




Takfiri Jaish al-Islam militants return Qalamoun town to Syrian government

 Syrian forces have established full control over a town northeast of the capital, Damascus, after the militants controlling the area agreed to hand it back... Full story

US suggests Russia, Syria may tamper with Douma evidence, Moscow denies it

 The United States accused Russia on Monday of blocking international inspectors from reaching the site of a suspected poison gas... Full story

UAE ends Somali military training mission as tensions soar

 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to end its military training program in Somalia as the ties between the... Full story

Is Syria’s chemical weapons program completely destroyed?

 Western powers said on Saturday their missile attacks struck at the heart of Syria’s chemical weapons program, but the restrained... Full story